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WaterSafe+ provides extra safety by automatically shutting off the water supply if the water inlet hose begins to leak.

Auto Program

Auto Program

Thanks to the Auto Program, the soil level of the dishes is detected by sensors, which then automatically determines the appropriate wash cycle for the case at hand, thus relieving you of the task of selecting the program yourself.

Dirt Sensor

Dirt Sensor

Decides how dirty the dishes are and chooses the most appropriate washing program.


ProSmart™ Inverter Motor

If you’re environmentally conscious but still want a quieter dishwasher, we can’t argue with you there. However, we can offer ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology, which is not only 2 times quieter* than most (thanks to a frictionless motor), it also helps to save water and energy. With almost no waste, it offers a rating of A+++ (- 10%)*, by using only what’s necessary. That’s a load off your mind.*Tested by internal laboratories

Technical Specifications
Water Safety System Overflow Safety + Aquastop
Lego Color No Lego
BI Furniture Door Mechanism N/A
Basket Color Grey - RAL 7037
Upper Basket Adjustment Type Loaded adjustable
Lower Basket Decorative Handle PH w/o Brand
Upper Basket Decorative Handle PH with Brand
Lower Basket - Number of Folding Tines 4
Upper Basket - Number of Folding Tines 2
Cutlery Basket Sliding Symphony PH
Long Tool Shelf Yes
Mug Shelf Adjustable
Number of Mug Shelves 4
Lower Basket Wheel Type Symphony
Water Softener Cap Symphony Design
Rinse Aid Indicator Yes
Salt Indicator Yes
Heating Element (W) 1800 W
Water Connection Inlet Type Standard Inlet
Program 1 Eco 50
Program 2 Auto
Number of Programs (DW) 6
Water Consumption - Sales (liters-gallon) 10 L
Niche height 82-92 cm
Program 3 Intensive 70
Program 4 Quick&Clean
Program 5 Mini 30
Program 6 Prewash
Type (DW) Built Under
Tub Stainless Steel Tub
Product Main Color Inox - Fingerprint Proof
Number of Place Settings 13
Energy Performance - Sales A+++
Drying Performance A
Noise Level - Sales dB(A) 46
Energy Consumption (kWh/cycle) 0.82 kWh
Declaration Program Duration 238
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh/year) 234
Dirt Sensor Yes
Annual Water Consumption (liter-gallon) 2800
Power Consumption in ‘off-mode’ (Po) (W) 0.50
Power Consumption in 'left-on mode' (Pl) (W) 1.00
Duration of the Left-on Mode (Tl) (min) 30
Filter Partial Metal
Number of Spray Levels 3
Top Spray Type Nozzle
Watertap Indicator Yes
Antibacterial Seal Yes
Water Leakage Indicator Yes
Maximum Current Intensity (A)(DW) 10
Drying System Closed Fan Drying System
Isolation Type Regular
Water Softening Capacity 50 dH
Detergent Dispenser Type Standard
Furniture Door Weight for BI (kg) N/A
Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) 59.8 cm
Height - Unpacked (cm)(y) 81.8 cm
Weight - Unpacked 39.2 kg
Water Consumption (liters-gallon) 10
Glass Care System No
Intensive Lower Rack Washing Function No
Odour Removal Function No
Accessories (DW) No
Liquid Detergent Dosing No
Circulation Motor Type BLDC
ALLin1 Tablet Automatic