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Beko Clean Zone™’s revolutionary oleophobic coating technology on glass oven doors resists dirt and grime, the way you resist the idea of scrubbing. Its excellent easy-clean features mean you don’t need to use heavy duty products or spend valuable time and effort cleaning. Go ahead, roast that juicy chicken without fear!


You want to know the secret to cooking perfect, restaurant-quality meat? The pros use tools like Beko CookSense®, which gives you a clever probe thingy that you can put into your meat to check the temperature inside. Then you can program for rare, medium or well done and cook your meet to perfection. That is well done indeed.

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

Your oven’s smokin’. Not in a good way though. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get scrubbing, hear us out first. Beko’s Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning feature essentially does all the hard work for you. Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning works for over 120 minutes for heavy soiling, or 90 minutes for light soiling. The latter uses 25% less energy too*. This feature will heat up the oven to 480°C and turn stubborn stains into ash, which can then be simply wiped away. What’s more, there are pyro-proof accessories like trays, side racks and telescopic shelves that all benefit from a quick blast too. So say goodbye to detergents and elbow grease, and hello to an easier life. *Tested by internal laboratories
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4 records found.

  • FSS56000GW
    • Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) : 50.0 cm
    • Main Cavity - Usable Volume (lt) : 60
    • Main Cavity - Oven Type : Conventio-l Cooking

  • CSS 56000 GW
    • Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) : 50.0 cm
    • Main Cavity - Usable Volume (lt) : 60
    • Main Cavity - Oven Type : Conventio-l Cooking

  • CSM 57100 GW
    • Energy Efficiency Class (Main Cavity) : A
    • Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) : 50.0 cm
    • Main Cavity - Usable Volume (lt) : 55
    • Main Cavity - Oven Type : Multifunctio-l Cooking

  • FSS66000GW
    • Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) : 60.0 cm
    • Main Cavity - Usable Volume (lt) : 67
    • Main Cavity - Oven Type : Conventio-l Cooking