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Washing machines

ProSmart™ Inverter Motor

A single wash may not seem like it consumes much energy, but things add up over time, especially if your appliance comes with a 10 year warranty like Beko’s ProSmart™ Inverter washing machines. You’ll be happy to know that Beko ProSmart™ Inverter motor technology also offers energy efficiency of up to A+++ -70%*, keeping the electricity bills down. They keep the noise down too. Thanks to a variable, frictionless motor spin, your washing won’t disturb anyone.


Washing machines are a huge help, but do they have to take so long? OptiSense® technology in your Beko washing machine optimises the washing cycle, so you don’t need to guess how long your clothes will take to clean. 3 smart sensors automatically monitor your laundry, selecting the right program and washing time. An extra smart sensor looks after your machine by detecting voltage surges. This cuts off the power if there’s any trouble, helping the machine last longer. Just grab your clothes and go!


Sometimes the laundry basket threatens to spiral out of control. Now you can stay on top of the washing with super-energy-efficient Beko CoolClean™ technology, which lets you wash your normally soiled laundry at 20°C with the performance of 40°C, while saving 75%* of the energy. What a deal!* Tested by 3rd party laboratories
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Capacity (kg)
Product Color (WM)
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm)
Number of Programs
2 records found.

  • WCC 5611 BC
    • Annual Energy Consumption (AE_c) (kWh) : 148 kWh
    • Capacity (kg) : 5
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1200

  • WMB 51221 C
    • Annual Energy Consumption (AE_c) (kWh) : 158 kWh
    • Capacity (kg) : 5
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1200
    • Auxillary Function -1 : Prewash
    • Auxillary Function -2 : Quick